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    Apurva Ashar

    The book that I am working on has large number of footnotes on every page: typically 15 to 30! Some of them are just meanings/synonyms for a given word while some are elaborate notes running in number of lines.

    The main text is mostly verses/lines of poems. So we have planned a page with large margin on one side and moving single word notes as margin notes (using end-notes). My option is to remove (Cmd-X) the small, one letter footnotes and insert them as end notes. Then manually flow the end note story in the margin besides the main story in a new text box.

    The question is, is there any option which will convert an existing footnote into an end-note and not require cut and paste? Just being optimistic here ;-)

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    Peter Kahrel

    Interesting. The below script does what you want. An alternative would be to place the sidenotes anchored frames (a variant of This alternative requires the set-up of some styles but is probably easier to use in the long run.

    Anyway, here’s the script. Select the footnote you want to convert and run the script.


    function () {
      if (app.selection.length && app.selection[0] instanceof Character && app.selection[0].contents == SpecialCharacters.FOOTNOTE_SYMBOL) {
        var sep = app.documents[0].footnoteOptions.separatorText.length;
        var story = app.selection[0].parentStory;
        var n = story.insertionPoints.itemByRange (0, app.selection[0].index).footnotes.length;
        var fnote = story.footnotes[n];
        var ix = fnote.storyOffset.index;
        var enote = fnote.storyOffset.createEndnote();
        // InDesign adds a space after the new endnote, delete it.
        if (story.characters[p+1].contents == ' ') {
          story.characters[p+1].contents = '';
        fnote.characters.itemByRange (0, sep+1).contents = '';
        fnote.texts[0].move (LocationOptions.AFTER, enote.insertionPoints[-1]);

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