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    I’ve got dreaded pink boxes in my text. Reason is a … Word file import using File -> Place.

    I know the missing glyph is a typographic quote… In the source file, character is 0146 dec and 0x92 hexa code.
    But Indesign can not properly associate it with the Minion Pro font and instead displays it as pink box
    I don’t know why matching can not be done… any idea ?

    I read https://indesignsecrets.com/tackling-missing-glyphs.php but:
    – no errors with preflight panel
    – no fix through the missing_glyphs.jsx
    – Information panel displays 0x92 code when I select the character but Glyphs panel not.

    As workaround I ran \x{0092} –> ‘ in GREP tab of find/replace panel to retrieve the typographic quote.


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