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    I have moved from Corel Ventura to Indesign simply because Corel refuse to update Ventura for Windows 7 and 8. I am on my sixth book for Macmillan Education.

    I think I have got a grip on Master Pages, but I am having problems customising this feature. In one Chapter, I need to have the following on the first page of a new chapter: APPLICATION SOFTWARE 15 (current page Number)

    From the next on for about the next 65 pages, the page numbering needs to show: APPLICATION SOFTWARE – ACCESS 16 (onwards)
    At the present I am unable to figure this out.

    Thank you in advance

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    Create a second page master to apply to the next 65 pages.

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    Thank you very much guz. However, come back Ventura all is forgiven. Indesign has some excellent features that are not in Ventura, but page definitions is not one of them.

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      Actually–page definition and running heads/running feet is a great feature of InDesign. You just aren’t familiar enough with it.

      I don’t have any links offhand, but maybe someone else can chime in with some. But what you want to read up on is the running head features in InDesign.

      I’ve never used Ventura as I’ve been using a Mac for the last 25 years, but I’ve worked with Quark XPRess and InDesign.

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    I’m not familiar with Ventura at all. Regarding running headers this might help: And master pages: When you create a new document, Indesign assigns by default an “A” master to all pages. But you customize them according to your needs. In your case you want one master page for the first page of the chapter and a second one for the other pages. You can create as many master pages as needed. As Dwayne says, you just need to become familiar the way Indesign works.

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      In most cases, additional master pages are not needed. If one uses InDesign’s running head (variables) feature, you can do an entire book with one or two master pages.

      The variable can be based on a paragraph style or character. I personally prefer character styles, as you can then assign it to various paragraph styles (such as Chapter Title, Chapter Title_2 Line, etc.)

      Normally I have master pages for my chapter openers, part openers, body text, and one for frontmatter and backmatter.

      Thanks for chiming in, guz :)

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