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    I am trying to number a 7 page document (tickets), #1-25, each individually … Sorry if a silly question, I’ve seriously spent far too much time on this!
    Thanks in advance!

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    Graham Park

    Use Number List

    Start with a one page document
    On your Master Page create a grid of 25 text boxes and align text as required for the number to sit where yo want them, link all the text boxes.
    Create a PARAGRAPH STYLE for the numbers, set NUMBER AND BULLETS options so the number appear as you want them, then add space after like 100mm to make sure there is only one number in each box, if there are two or more add extra space after in the style

    Go to page 1
    Click in the first text box
    Apply the PARAGRAPH STYLE you created above.
    Now just add carriage returns and the numbers keep going until you have one full pages then select all the text and paste 7 times and you will have your list and correct number of pages.

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