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    I came up with this idea but I’m a little unsure about how to go about executing it.
    It’s an A5 print booklet where the pages get shorter so that the image on the internal back cover is slowly revealed from the bottom up as the reader flicks through.
    I’ve made a little (awkward) video which explains it a little better.

    Any ideas on how I would go about designing this in Indesign?

    I’ve got a feeling I might have to create each page in separate file or create it all on A5 but adjust bleed/crop marks on each page?

    I would really appreciate any advice.

    Many Thanks

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    Interesting concept for the book, but the OP does not mention how the book would bind. If the book was wiro-bound or coil bound, this would be a simple task, and I would recommend using the page tool in indesign to set the pages at the correct sizes and positions. However, if this book was saddle stapled, this would be much harder (from a binding point of view).

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    Eugene Tyson

    I can think of a few ways this can be finished, but ultimately it will be up to the printers on how they will finish it and what equipment they have and what works best for them.

    I’d definitely speak with the printers before proceeding with any design.

    But I think Colin has it right. Bring a sample to the printers and get talking with their production team and designers.

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    Hi guys

    Thanks for your suggestions. I think we are going with a coil/wiro bound book as it is much easier to bind and cut the pages :)

    Sound so simple now, don’t know why I was getting so stressed about it.


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