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    Pam Bomerito

    Can anyone tell me what a double rule around an object frame means? We recently had to reduce our page size to go to a new printer and all of our text boxes and many of the image boxes now appear to have double rules in the frames. I know what it is on a text box, but can’t find anything to explain it on an image box.

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    Check Preferences->General>Object Editing
    When Scaling:
    Include Stroke Weight: If it’s not checked, the strokes will maintain the same weight, so will seem bigger when scaled down.

    That’s my only guess! Otherwise, post a screenshot for us.

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    Pam Bomerito

    Would love to post a screen shot, but I don’t see any way to upload?

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    Best way to include an image is to upload to imgur or some other image sharing site and then post the URL here.

    When you say you know what it is on the text box… what is it?

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    Pam Bomerito

    It is inset spacing in the text box, so it shows a double rule around the box. I don’t know what it means when it is around an image.

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    Ah! A picture is worth a thousand words. :-)
    That is probably “runaround” from the Text Wrap panel.

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    Pam Bomerito

    Oh thank you so much! I am still fumbling through trying to teach myself!

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