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    Julie DK

    I am attempting to create name tags (using data merge) and would like to print the schedule on the back side. I am hoping I can create a document that allows me to use the duplex feature on the printer. I saw this article, https://indesignsecrets.com/flipping-frames-front-page-align.php, but not sure how to use this with different text on the back, and when I flip it, the names on the first page move to the second page. I have successfully printed name tags before using data merge, but the duplex and schedule on the back are new to me.

    Any help is greatly appreciated; I am new to Indesign, very familiar with photoshop (5.5)

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    David Blatner

    If the name tags are one per page, then it’s not too hard: Make a 2-page document with the data merge template on page 1 and the schedule on page 2. Then do the data merge and you’ll end up with the name tags on every other page.

    However, if you need a grid of multiple name tags per page, then this is harder. You will probably need to make a document with all the merged names, and then manually insert another page (with all the schedules… just make it a master page so you can insert it super fast) in between each of the other pages.

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    Julie DK

    Great! THank you so much! Using a grid of multiple name tags so will manually insert another master page. Thanks again!

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    Jake Overton


    David is correct. The best way to do this is:

    – In your merge template, set up your name tags for multiple record merge.
    – Create a second Master page (B-Master) that includes the schedule in the correct place to be duplexed.
    – Run the merge. This should give you multiple pages with a grid of name tags.
    – To add the schedule, run the script called AddExtraPages.jsx, using the B-Master page in the dialog box. This script adds a blank page using the B-Master after every page.
    – This document then can be sent to the printer for duplexing.
    – Save this template for future use. If you make the B-Master with linked pdf or .indd files, when you open the template simply relink to the updated schedule file.


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