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    One of my coworkers is having a problem with her files that she’s never had before. Words that are spelled correctly are being underlined as incorrect spelling…particularly words that are plural, ending in “s.” She’s running CC2018. When I open the same file, it looks perfectly fine, and I’m running CC2018 as well. I had her reset her preferences at the start of InDesign opening, but that didn’t work. She then had IT uninstall and reinstall…and it seemed like it worked for a moment, but nope! We compared preference settings, which were both the same. The dictionary is set to English: USA, but it still shows correctly spelled words as misspelled. The last option I had her do was copy the text and paste it into Notepad to strip out any formatting and paste it back in. Once she did that, only the words the dictionary didn’t recognize appeared underlined.

    I have screen shots if needed to solve this riddle. Thanks in advance

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    Just following up to see if anyone else has run across this issue before. Thanks!!

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    David Blatner

    Does this happen in all documents — even brand new documents?
    Are you sure the language applied to the text (select some text and see the Language popup menu in the Character panel) is set to English?

    If you want to post images, you can put them on a site like imgbb.com and then post the URL here.

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    I checked with her again and it’s not happening on new documents. And yes, the language is set to English. I uploaded her screen shots. http://ibb.co/mQmGcc | http://ibb.co/hdePVx | http://ibb.co/dS9rAx

    I do InDesign training for our firm and I’ve never run across anything like this before. When I open the same file, the problem doesn’t occur. Very strange.

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    David Blatner

    That IS strange. Have you tried exporting the file as IDML and then opening that IDML file? That might clear up some corruption or something.

    Also, make sure the Dictionary pane of the Preferences dialog box is set the same as yours.

    Here’s more ideas:

    Why Red Squiggly Underlines When Words are Not Spelled Wrong

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