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    Hi everyone,
    if somebody can help I would be really grateful.
    My question is:
    Is it possible to put endnotes at the end of the epub if all of my chapters split the document and start on new page?
    Thanks to everybody who can help.

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    Aaron Troia

    Hey Lili,

    Yes it is possible to do it, I’ve done it when a book calls for it, but I do it in the HTML after export. If you are asking if it is possible to do before export in InDesign, I believe it should be by using Cross References and not the Footnote or Endnote features in InDesign, that said, I havent done it personally in InDesign so you might have to test it out and see.

    Sorry I didn’t have a more definitive answer, but hopefully that gets you pointed in the right direction,


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    Thank you very much Aaron!

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