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    I’m publishing two parts of a series, using ID CC 2014. With the first one, I export to EPUB, including embeddable fonts. It works in iBooks. But I use ePub Zip-Unzip 3.0 to delete the encryption file, place unencrypted fonts, and add Landmarks code for Start of Content in toc.xhtml. Rezip and it still works in iBooks. Use Kindle Previewer to convert to MOBI, and everything works in Kindle.

    The second one is practically the same book, structurally. The EPUB works perfectly in iBooks. But if I unzip it – even if I rezip it without changing anything – when I try to open the rezipped EPUB in iBooks, it says the book cannot be opened because it is corrupted. I have no idea why this would happen with zero tampering of files. I don’t understand how to troubleshoot this. And my project is completely stuck until I can embed the fonts in both books in the series for consistency.

    Any ideas?

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    Ken Jones

    Hi Spencer

    You should validate your EPUB to find the error.
    I recommend using this free tool https://www.pagina.gmbh/produkte/epub-checker/

    Ken Jones
    Circular Software

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      Thanks. All the validation was saying was that an error of Type 1 occurred. I don’t know what that means.

      As I was poking around the unzipped folder, I noticed symbols replacing the dash in the xhtml names. Could my problem have been that my ID file names for each chapter had a dash in it? The first book’s file names had hyphens instead, and those seem to have spit out okay into xhtml file names. I copied all the files into a test folder, renamed them without dashes (no hyphens either), replaced the chapters inside the indb, updated the TOC, and exported to EPUB. Now it is working to unzip/zip. iBooks opens a working file, and it is also validating. So were the dashes in file names the whole problem?

      My biggest problem in that test “solution” is that it broke all of my external text anchor hyperlinks. I don’t see a way to simply rename the chapter titles in my original indb without having to Replace them. Is there a way to rename that won’t break external text anchor hyperlinks? Or is there a quick way to wisen up the anchor destination names? I’d love to save a couple hours of redoing those.

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