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    I’m working on a very extensive catalogue and I’m trying to use data merge.
    I was able to create a 3 page test document with the placeholders on the master page, so the Data Merge options are still available on my merged document, but I’m experiencing an issue.

    When I try to update my data source, only the first set of informations per page are updated. All the other fields not only won’t update, but also lose their tag markers and the report says something like this:

    Record 0 (key = autokey0) was modified.
    Record 4 (key = autokey4) was modified.
    Record 8 (key = autokey8) was modified.

    Does anyone know what may be causing this problem?

    I was going to try to make this using XML, but I found out that Excel for mac doesn’t have a XML mapping option.

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