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    Kasper Gram

    Hi there

    I’m doing a roll out ad for a magazine and having some issues with exporting only the last 3 pages in a 4 page spread.

    Page 1 is a left hand side in the magazine. This is set up as page 1 in a spread.

    Page 2 is the right hand side and page 3 and 4 are attached to the right hand side of page and folds over two times.

    The printer requires page 1 as a single page and page 3-4 as a spread.

    I can export page 1 as a single PDF just fine.

    But when I try to export page 2-4 as a spread, page 1 also gets included in the spread. I can’t find a way to exclude page 1 from the spread. I’m using the export dialogue with “Spread” on and a range of 2-4.

    The reason I’m doing it as a 4 page spread is, that there is overlapping graphic across all 4 pages. I really can’t see any other practical way of lining up the graphic without using a 4 page spread.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I know a solution could be to export it as a spread and than place the PDF back into a new document with the size of a 3 page spread. But I thought maybe there would be a better way around this.

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    Kasper Gram

    Sorry to bump this, but was wondering if anyone could chip in with any suggestions?

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    David Blatner

    No, there’s no good way around this problem, I think. You’ll likely need to break it up. Note that you can just place the entire INDD file into two new documents (because you can place an INDD file in the same way you can place a PDF file). So place it into a 1-page sized file and crop it to show just page 1. Then place into a 3-page-spread sized file and crop it to show the other 3 pages, perhaps.

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    Kasper Gram

    David, thank you so much. Wasn’t sure if I was overlooking the obvious.

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