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    I have filled out all of the export tags for the first chapter of an ePub I am converting from a print doc. When I import the styles to the next chapter, only some of the export tags are copied. I also tried to sync the book docs and got the same result. Do I have to manually enter them for each of the 8 chapters in the book?

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    Ken Jones

    Hi Virginia

    If you are able to share the InDesign documents then I would like to try to help you do this. Free of charge.

    You can send me the files here https://www.dropbox.com/request/FbReCV9yCcFJJ4SNtzXG
    Please ZIP the files and clearly mark which one is the first chapter if it is not obvious!

    Ken Jones
    Circular Software

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      Thanks so much for the quick response. I just figured out the styles that are not tagged in the second document actually don’t exist in the first. DUH. It looked so bad, but now that I have fixed the styles in the second (replacing old styles for new) it is much more filled in. And of course the new styles came from the first doc. I think I panicked, since this job is complicated and I have been running to challenge after challenge.

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