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    Nathan Bynum


    I’ve experimented with several scripts dug up from the forum (thanks!) that will export individual pages of an InDesign document as standalone PDFs. I’m curious if there is a script or tweak that would allow me to delineate a PDF export by whether pages are joined by threaded text…

    Specifically, I have 50-100 letters that need to go to the printer as individual PDF’s. I have the letters set up as individual pages in one ID document to take advantage of styles and masters. The majority of the letters are a single page, so with my current setup, I run good ‘ol PDF Export Utility and each letter spits out as a PDF. However, depending on the project, a percentage of the letters will be two pages, forcing me to rejoin those PDFs in Acrobat. Not the end of the world, but if there was a PDF exporter that could recognize when two or more pages are joined by threaded text, then group them as a single PDF during export, it would take my workflow to the next level.

    Any ideas?

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    Nathan, as you pointed out, there are several scripts available, that deal with single pages. I’m not aware of a script, that deal with threaded frames.

    If you are interested in a developed version for you, you can contact me at forum@ruebiarts.de


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    Ellie L

    Instead of a script, you could set up a table of contents that creates bookmarks for the exported PDF, then split the PDF (in Acrobat, Organize Pages > Split) by top level bookmarks. You can specify how you want the separated PDFs to be named in output options.
    If you use data merge to create the letters, just create a field (to merge from the data source, such as recipient’s name or other identifier) just outside the page, touching the edge, or on a separate layer that you can turn off before exporting. Apply a “TOC” paragraph style and then tell the Table of Contents to look for the TOC style. When splitting the PDF, you can use the bookmark names to generate the names for your new PDFs. Hope this helps!

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