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    I run a blog and want to design blog posts in InDesign CC to then put into the content management system (cms) I use to upload blog posts. I have tried exporting my InDesign file as html, then copying and pasting this from notepad into the cms. This gave me the text, but the image did not come out. Is there something else I can do to achieve my goal?


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    Eugene Tyson

    Absolutely – 100% – InDesign is not a web authoring tool. It can produce very basic HTML and only provides text, not any sort of div or other layout parameters.

    If you like how InDesign works then check out Muse – which is a web authoring tool with a very similar UI to InDesign.

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    David Blatner

    I love Muse, Eugene, but it’s not appropriate for someone who is trying to get html into a CMS (like wordpress). It’s for making whole sites.

    There are some good tricks in the feature article in this magazine:

    But I think the key for you is: you’re probably going to have to upload those images into the CMS manually somehow, and then change the links to point to them. It’s not much fun.

    I know of some people who are doing InDesign to WordPress links, but most of it is “custom solution” so it’s not really “off the shelf” for people to buy.

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    Eugene Tyson

    You’re right David, I missed the part about the CMS.

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    Hi guys,

    thanks so much for all your help. I will check out that link David!

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    Hi David,

    Unfortunately i can’t access the info in that link you sent me as i only have a free membership. Would you be able to tell me what it involves? Also what did you mean its by “custom solution”?

    Thanks again!

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    Ajar make an export function called in5 which works very well. However at the moment they have a stone-age licensing system which means that when you activate your licence on your machine it is locked for ever – you cannot deactivate and move to another machine, you cannot move it to a different version of InDesign when Adobe changes CC again. So be warned before you invest!

    I might add my HTML knowledge is limited to say the least, so it may not be a solution to your specific problem, but you never know. http://ajarproductions.com/pages/products/in5/

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