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    Rivkah Lewis

    I have a file with stories in it and at the end of each chapter, there is an English>French dictionary for all the words in the chapter that are French.
    The dictionary is found within a table which is anchored into the text box of the chapter text.

    The French is all lower case and the English is all title case. Ex. mes petites – My little ones
    They have now decided they want the English to be lower as well – mes petites – my little ones

    How can I search for a style and change the case to lower case? I see I can select each table and do this, but I’m wondering if there is a faster way.

    Also, I have the annotations plug-in. I thought I could just accept all changes, but it is not picking up the changes within the table. Or rather, it finds them, but does not change them.

    Any ideas?

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    Masood Ahmad

    Please share some more exact text from the stories itself to look into.

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    Rivkah Lewis

    I had a deadline, so I ended up doing it manually, table by table.
    But the format is as described above – column one of the table in French, column two in English.

    I am wondering if Annotations didn’t work because the table was grouped with an image…

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