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    I have a long document, each page sets to one document file (e.g. 200 pages equal 200 documents in the Book Panel!). Each book file has own title, some titles are short and some longer.

    Finding documents by their own name is necessary for me through this long list and finding by scroll down and up to find a specific document is time-wasting, boring task.

    I didn’t find any features in the Book Panel pop-up menu. Do you know any tricks to find a document by its own title among the many documents in the Book panel?

    Also, some books files are incomplete and some complete and finish to print, export, publish and etc.., I’d like to mark or highlight some documents by something like a checkbox tick, changing color or something like that as finished documents. And vice versa for incomplete ones to edit and modify later.

    It would be useful when we work on many books/documents, and we want to back them to finish those incomplete documents in future, not now.
    So opening and checking complete documents is not important and just we want to open and edit, modify unfished documents.
    As I understood and checked out the Book panel, it’s not possible to recognize which document is finished, which one needs to edit, modify, etc.

    I wish Adobe thinks about these challenges and fix them in next versions. (1- easy finding documents in a long list by their own names and titles that we give to documents 2- marking/highlighting documents by colors, checkbox or any user-friendly features and options to recognize which documents need to edit and which ones are finished to export.)

    Thank You

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