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    Brant Hilty

    I am trying to figure out how to add multiple tables to a single text frame, so when I add or delete tables they will reflow.
    I appreciate any help. Thanks!

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    What’s going wrong when you try it? Are each of your tables in text frames of their own?
    If more than one table is within a single text frame, they behave pretty much as part of the text flow, reflowing within a text frame, even across different pages.

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    Brant Hilty

    Hello Chris,
    Yes, I did have each table in it’s own text frame. I did not realize I had to cut and paste the table into the main text frame.

    Now is there a way to adjust the spacing between all of the tables? When I put the cursor in the text frame it adjusts the spacing between those 2 tables and not all the tables. I hope this makes some sense.

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    Hello Brant.

    Not entirely sure what you mean with the spacing.
    But it might help if you think of each table as a single word in the text flow: you can put lines of ordinary text (or just carriage returns) between tables, and adjust via “space after” etc.

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    Make a paragraf style and use that to control spacing :)

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