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    Rescued my CS3 files from crashing computer, however didn’t have time to embed fonts, now in CS5, despite all fonts being in font folder the files, when opened are not automatically updated, instead have to ‘click and find’ all of them. How can I get CS5 to automatically update fonts so that I don’t have to keep rechecking old files for layout issues.

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    Wow–CS3 files. It’s been a long time since I’ve used that. Is your font folder called “Document fonts”? Note it has to be exactly typed as that (minus the quotes)?

    Also–Are the CS5 files being opened on a different computer (or did you fix the crashed one)? Maybe the other computer has system fonts conflicting with the Document fonts folder?

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    hi Dwayne, CS3 on an old computer kept as back up then someone wanted the files updated and reprinted so went to move them from old computer but it started to crash so grabbed what I could.
    Had already loaded the fonts I needed into the new computer with new Ind software. No, the font folder is simply the folder marked ‘fonts’ in the Ind folder in Adobe. I will not go and make a new folder within ‘fonts’ marked Document Fonts and see what happens.
    Does it make any difference that before I was using 32 bit now using 64 bit do you think?

    I can see the fonts when I open the files, but it wants me to manually link them, which then seems to muck up the leading, spacing and any occasional type faces used occasionally.

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      I don’t think there should be issues going from 32 bit to 64. And the “Fonts” folder is the same in CS3 and CS5. Does your say “fonts” or “Fonts”? I’m not sure if that folder is case-sensitive.

      I believe the “Document fonts” folder has to be in the same location as your InDesign documents. Where I work, each job has a “pages” folder, and the “Document fonts” folder is within that as well as the InDesign files.

      Relinking the fonts shouldn’t cause any leading or spacing issues, though. However, there can be some reflow when opening an InDesign file in a different version.

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    No, don’t create a Document fonts folder inside the Fonts folder. That will only confuse things. What Dwayne said is correct, “I believe the “Document fonts” folder has to be in the same location as your InDesign documents.”

    More info in this video:

    Regarding InDesign not recognizing that fonts are loaded, my guess is that you need to rethink how you manage your fonts. I don’t have any fonts in my InDesign > Fonts folder, I let OS X manage them in my User > Library > Fonts folder. Other people use Font Management utilities like Suitcase.


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      I’m one of those folks who uses Suitcase. My font folders on my system are pretty bare, even my user library font folders. I just keep the bare minimum ones needed.

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