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    Hi there

    I have imported a document from MS Word into ID, but for some reason the line above the footnotes is on the right hand side instead of the left hand side. I have looked at the options but i can’t seem to find anything that allows me to change the positioning.

    I do use world-ready paragraph composing a bit, but i have looked at all the options there are they all seem to fine, text running left to right, world-ready paragraph composing off etc. Does anybody have any ideas as to why this might be?

    Thank you so much

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    That is weird. Is it possible there is a very large left indent on the footnote rule in the document footnote options?

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    Perhaps, i’ll check that out and let you know. Thank you for your help Dwayne.

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    So i checked the left indent and it seems fine. I then tried deleting all the footnotes and then inserting a new one and it put the separator line on the right hand side.

    I’m sure it must be something to do with the world-ready paragraph composing, but i can’t figure out where?

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    So i posted my question up in the Adobe Indesign forum and i received the following answer that fixed the problem: “The location of the footnotes divider depends on the story direction. (Type>Story and set the story direction).”

    Problem solved!

    Thanks again for your help!

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      Glad you got it figured it out. My next suggestion was about asking about the story direction thing, but you already found that out.

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