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    Glen Hart

    Hi Guys, Hope you can help, I’m fairly new to the GREP’s but am trying to apply a strikethough to any prices in the following formats, but ONLY IF they follow on from the letter PM.

    PM £X
    PM £X.XX
    PM £XX
    PM £XX.XX

    I have come up with the following which works when i’m just changing the text color but when I apply the strikethrough to the character style it then strikes through to the entire line, in addition it also seems to apply it to other prices elsewhere in the document even though they don’t come after the letters “PM”.

    (?<=[PM]\s)(£\d+)|(£\d+.\d+) this doesn’t work at all but i thought it should
    (?<=[PM]\s)£\d+ without pence (works when adjusting font color)
    (?<=[PM]\s)£\d+.\d+ with pence (works when adjusting font color)

    Thank you in advance and appreciate any help you can offer :).

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    Hi Glen, this seems to works fine:
    (?<=PM )£\d+\.?(\d+)*

    (?<=PM ) without square brackets
    £\d+\.?(\d+)* this apply the format to the prices

    Let try it

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    Glen Hart

    Hi Claudio, thank you I really appreciate this.. That works perfectly! Can I ask what the question mark and star do at the end


    Is this a wildcard of some sort?

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    Of course you can!

    ? and * are relative to the preceding character

    \.? means literal period 0 or 1 time (either case GREP find the match)
    (\d+)*, or better \d* means figure 0 or multiple times

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    Glen Hart

    Thank you very much! Have a lovely day :)

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