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    Can anybody help me with a crep code?

    I need to change quotation mark from one kind to another.

    From “lots of words in the book” to »lots of words in the book«

    I hope someone can do the trick ;·)

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    And if it is possible to do it with variations:

    “Lots of words in the book.”
    »Lots of words in the book.«

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    [I’ve just copied your sentence!] No need Grep!

    Replace “ by »
    Replace ” by «


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    No need to use Grep, will change in normal text find.

    Find: “lots of words in the book”

    Replace: »lots of words in the book«

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    Thank you for your reply.

    I may have to precise my problem. I have a book-text with lots of quotation marks surrounding different kind of text…
    I hoped that I could change both the marks at the same time.

    “random kind of word in any given sentence”
    »random kind of word in any given sentence«

    This I can’t do without a crep.

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    Graham Park

    Not sure why you need GREP to do this but if you want to, I think you need two expression (Obi-wan might be able to do it in one)
    Problem trying to do it in one expression is that you have two different substitution you want to do.



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    I need it because I have 150 pages of text, and there is at lot of marks to change.

    And I have three more books, where I have to do the same…

    It was a attempt to do it more quickly.

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    Graham Park

    It has to be a Find and Replace with or with GREP.
    Do no think it can be done with a GREP in a Paragraph style because that can only add formatting not do a replace

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    Okay, thanks for the replay.

    Had to try ;·)

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    Hi guys, just another way:

    The look of a quotation-mark depends on the assigned language and therefore on the preference in Dictionary > Language > Double Quotes. The correct way would be: Change the look of the quotations here and then run a find: Shift+2, change: Shift+2 (either text or grep panel) and make sure before, that Preferences > Type > Use Typographers Quotes is checked.

    Why ist this maybe a better way than a simple find/change? Because if you type now quotion marks, you will get also the right ones.


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