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    I am writing a script that uses several grep find/change queries. They all work apart from this one “\\Z\\r” that aims to delete the last return at the end of a story.

    This and variations of it work fine in the find/change dialog but not in the script. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    In a script, try using positive lookahead “\\r(?=\\Z)” for findWhat property. Note, this will also delete the last return at the end of any table cell as well. Works in InDesign CS6.

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    Actually you don’t need a lookahead for the ‘position markers’ $ and \Z. Stuart mentions he tried some variations, but maybe he overlooked the simplest possible case:


    — that is, the return occurs *before* the end of story.

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      I thought that should work, but I tried \\r\\Z using InDesign CS6 on Mac and could not get it to work.

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      \\r\\Z does appear to work in InDesign CC.

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    Thank you guys for your help with this. Jongware, I could have sworn I’d tried that variation but obviously not as it works a treat in CC.

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