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    Ward Baxter

    As a test, I’m running a very basic Applescript to iterate through consecutive song numbers in a document. The song numbers are all in order in the document, but the GREP results are not in order. i.e. the numbers returned are 5,6,22,24,3,1,12,etc. instead of 1,2,3,4,5,etc. This is not a flowing document, so I presume it may be based on the order the text frames were created? I can sort the array(s) after the fact, but this seems like there’s a grep preference that I’m unaware of, or something? Any insights?

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    Ward, you are correct. The find-order is sometimes or mostly (not everytime) the order of creation. There is no sort function for that in the UI. You are good to go, if you collect everything in an array and sort it.


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    Ward Baxter

    Thanks, Kai! I’ll build a handler to sort as part of the process from now on. Best, ~W

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