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    I need help coming up with a GREP statement to find any uppercase SM at the end of a word. I deal with lots of disclaimer copy and I need to locate the Service Marks. I have the GREP I need to find ® and TM glyphs but it doesn’t work for service marks.

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    Erica Gamet

    Is the SM using a character style? If so, you can search SM in that style (don’t even need to use GREP)…but that all depends on if it’s styled and what you want to do with the found text. Or are you needing to find SM and style it?

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    All of the copy is currently in a specific paragraph style but I need to find all the SM instances via GREP and apply a “Superscript” Character Style

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    Erica Gamet

    You can build that into the para style….use GREP style in a para style: apply Superscript char style to SM\b (but this would also superscript the SM in CHASM…not a problem if this is the only place SM would be in all caps). You can always do it via find/change and manually okay each result to be sure.

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    Awesome! This seems to be working for my needs on this project. Thank you for your help.

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    Erica Gamet

    Sure thing! It’s a pretty greedy expression, so just make sure it doesn’t grab what you don’t need. You could always go the GREP style route then do a text find on SM and just go through after to make sure it didn’t grab anything you don’t want. I often do that for safety.

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