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    I’m working on printer revisions for my 200-page catalog before printing. This is a first for me, creating and printing a catalog. I taught myself to use InDesign throughout this process, beginning about 1-1/2 years ago – so I still consider myself a newbie.

    All of my sections have a full page photo at the beginning of the section. In each section the masters I have available are:
    a ‘None’ master page, an ‘A’ master as a 2-page layout, and a ‘B’ master as a right hand 1-page layout, and some have a ‘C’ master as a left-hand 1-page layout as needed.

    Two of the sections have gutter image bleeds on the facing page, which the printer is asking me to fix. When looking at the ‘Pages’ window for each of these problem photos, they are shown in the 2-page layout, even though I have the appropriate 1-page layout master applied.

    I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure this out; any ideas?

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    I figured out how to disconnect the page from the spread! All fixed; thanks.

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