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    I’ve added pages to a document I’m working on and the font isn’t the one I have chosen. I’ve done everything I know to try and change the font but it won’t change. I don’t even know what the font is. The text is very thick and has a red background. The font I have chosen is Helvetica LT Std, 10pt. I didn’t change my font and the master page the new page is based on is the same master page used throughout the document. What can I do?

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    Cat Weeks

    Is the red background more a pink than red? If so, it likely means the font you’ve chosen is missing.

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    Check to see if there is a character style applied to it. I think a while back I read about someone copying and pasting from a Word file and an unknown character style came through and was applied. The type was dark red and the font all convoluted.

    As Cat said–if it’s just a pink color, it’s a missing font. But from your description, it sounds like some character style was applied.

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    I thought it may be a character style as well; however, there are no character styles on the master page nor the page I’ve added. I’ve deleted the new page and added a new one, same result. I’m stymied.

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    Export to IDML? Type->Find Font? Are you trying to change the font in the Master or Overriding on a Page? Have you tried Find and Replace using Font or Font Size or Font Color?

    There’s so many things it could be. Can you upload your file to Dropbox and share the link?

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    I’ve uploaded the file to my DropBox; here is the link:

    to answer your question, the font occurs on both a new page and the master page (C master), which the new page is based on.

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    Your fonts may not be activated in Font Book (or do you use a type manager like Suitcase?) I just did Type->Find Font and replaced the missing fonts.

    If you want to edit Master Page items on a Page, you can either Command-Shift-Click on the item or Window->Page->Right Click, Override All Master Page Items.

    Otherwise, I don’t see any problems.

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    Thank you for your help. I’m new to InDesign and self-taught. I am learning every day and this one really had me stumped.

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    Definitely, the pink of missing fonts. I found the missing Helvetica tenacious and not wanting to be changed in Find Font, but that may be because the only Helveticas I have installed are the Mac OS dfonts. But, when I changed the missing fonts to another font (Minion), I could then change them again to a Helvetica.

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