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    In an InDesign-book I have a lot of chapter pages and some of them end up being a left page just because the chapter before ends on a right page. I could insert a page ahead of it manualy, but if in the 564 page book I insert or remove a page I would have to check the complete book every time.
    So I found out that I can choose for this chapter paragraph style to use the keep option and select to keep the begin of the paragraph on an odd page. But than the chapter text disappears from the frame and right below the red plus sign appears that the frame has text that flows over.
    How do I realise that automatically a page is inserted or removed so every chapter page stays a right page.

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    Hi Frans, it seems you put every chapter in a story. The keep-options and begin-of-paragraph-options are best used when you keep every chapter in one long document. This way you only have to insert pages at the end of the document if needed.

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    David Blatner

    Frans: Do you want the document to automatically add additional pages for you? You can do that with the Smart Text Reflow feature (in Preferences > Type)

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    Hi Marc and David,

    Thanks for your effort helping me out.

    Marc: I don’t know what you mean by a story.
    David: I have the feeling that the Smart Text Reflow is to be used when I would have a long text that covers several pages. And furthermore, I work with the Dutch version of InDesign and haven’t yet found Preferences > Type

    I’ll try to explain exactly how I made my documents.
    I have 15 InDesign documents and 93 family book chapters
    On my master page I only have set the margins and a line at the top and one at the bottem.

    In a document I have frames and in those text. For the text of a new family book chapter I have created a designated paragraph style.

    What I would like is that a frame with this designated paragraph style always is on a right page and that InDesign takes care of that by putting automatically an extra page ahead of the frame with the chapter paragraph style when necessary. It would be wonderful if I could add a screendump of my pages to clarify.

    Well thanks again for your time helping me out.

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    David Blatner

    If you use the Keep Options, as you mentioned earlier, then InDesign will automatically make the previous page blank. I think that is what you want. In English, the keep option is called “On Next Odd Page”

    If you are looking to start the first page of the next document in the book, then you can use the Book Page Numbering feature to insert a blank page:

    Can’t Delete Last Page of a Document

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    hi David,

    I think that I found out why your solution doesn’t work in my book. The book is not one long story to read, but a family tree overview. Because of that on every page the details of one family, father, mother and children are shown. The frames of the different pages are not connected. So, when I would add extra children on a page which don’t fit in the frame anymore, than I would have to add a page, place a new frame and would let the new “children” flow into that new frame.

    In a book where all the frames are connected as in a reading book, your solution would work wonderful.

    So, I would need a solution that would be quite similar as the extra page that InDesign automatically adds at the end of a document because of which the next document begins on an odd page. In my case InDesign would need to add an extra blank page before a page with a paragraph style that I use for a new family chapter.

    If this is not possible in InDesign than I’ll have to wait till I’m ready adding all new family members and than I would have to check the complete book from begin to end and add necessary pages manually.


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    David Blatner

    Ah, I see. Yes, that makes sense.

    Or you can make each family a different InDesign document, and put them together into a Book panel (which can add pages, as I noted).

    But it sounds like the best thing for you will be to complete the book and then add the pages manually.

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    Tom Pardy

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      David Blatner

      Argh… sorry about that, Tom. Thank you for letting us know. Deleted now.

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