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    Alex Tovpeko


    Does anyone know how to set up such text wrapping or to define paragraph style as follows?

    Lines which are wrapping the picture are left-aligned, others have full justification.

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    Erica Gamet

    I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for…text wrap is set on the graphic item, not the text. You can set up an object style for the graphics frame so that you can always have the same amount of wrap.

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    Alex Tovpeko

    Thank’s Erica.

    Yes, you’re right, that text wrap is set on the graphic, but see on the picture: text lines which stand opposite the graphics are left-aligned, other lines are full-justified.

    Can you repeat my example in InDesign?

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    Play a “left-alignement” inside a “justified” para including an hyphenation!? …

    Funny! …

    Michel, from FRIdNGE

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    Alex Tovpeko

    Yes, Michel!!!

    How do you do this?

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