How to find and change with footnote reference?

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    Robert J.

    Hi everyone! I need to do some boring editing simple things that I think is easy to do with few clicks with InDesign script capabilities. Unfortunately I haven’t any scripting knowledge. Maybe some of you can help me, I will be very grateful.

    I got text where editor change footnote reference and end dot in sentence. So I have few hundreds points to correct this. I think script needs to find dot followed by footnote reference and swap it. With GREP it could be something like this:
    Find: (\.)(~F)
    Change to: $2$1

    The problem is, as I perceive, that GREP can’t works with footnote references in change to field :\
    So I thing the only option is to write the script, please help if you can.

    Here is the link to screengrab, I got “wrong” in the source document, I need to swap to “correct” version.

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    Gert Verrept
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    You’ll need Javascript! :-)


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