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    I wonder if there is any way to identify the hidden layer on which a text has been Found.

    I have a document with many hidden layers (mutations of addresses) and need to find one containing certain text. When using Find, the text gets selected and I can even edit it via the Text Editor, but don’t see a way to find on which layer it is… Is there any way at all?

    Thank you!

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    Hi, I have had a crack at this problem but I’m afraid couldn’t find a solution. Sorry.

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    Bob Rubey

    You’d think this would be a no-brainer, but it isn’t so.

    The best thing I could come up with is to export a layered PDF with ALL layers exported and open in Acrobat. Next, go to Layers in Acrobat and make all invisible. Then search for the text. When Acrobat finds the text it will present a dialog asking if you want to make the layer visible. Click Yes and the layer that the text is on will be revealed.

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    Thank you both!

    Bob, using Acrobat to do the job is smart. One would expect ID to do at least something like that as well, right…?
    Still, even making all the layers invisible in Acrobat was a long clicking – there is no way to select multiple layers, nor any “Show All/Hide All” option there… Well, I guess we have to be grateful for what we get ;-)

    Thanks again for your time!

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    Bob Rubey

    There may be a way around this after all. You may want to look into this History script first, just to get you back to point A, although it would just be a couple of undos methinks:

    Anyway, click the down arrow of the Layers panel and choose Show All Layers. Search for your text; InDesign selects the text and changes to the text tool. Click on the selection tool; InDesign will now indicate which layer the element is on with the small colored indicator square and may highlight the layer as well.

    Take note of the layer name then work your way backward if desired.

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    Ah… Silly me! I am really sorry for having confused the public!! :-) Yes, this is just how it is supposed to work, isn’t it… I realize now there were two details why this method didn’t seem to work for me: one, of course you have to switch to the selection tool first, since the little square indicates objects, not their content; and two, this doesn’t work if the layer is locked, as in that case no objects get selected…

    So thank you once more, Bob, for making life simple again! :-)

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