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    Cindy Wingo

    I would like advice on the best approach to add a footer to pages that have “ABC Code” text followed by whatever code for that particular entry anywhere on the page. All footers would have the same exact text. I tried “Text Variable, Custom Text” but it appears on every page, not just the pages that include “ABC Code”. Can’t seem to think through how to do it.

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    You can use a Text Variable for this of type “Running Header” (even though you want to use it for a FOOTER; don’t worry, InDesign won’t mind).

    Create a character style that applies nothing and name it “ABC Code”. Then, create a Text Variable of type “Running Header (Character Style)” that picks up that style. In your footer text frame, type “ABC Code” and insert the variable after that.

    Now the footer will always contain the text that you marked with the character style “ABC Code” on that page. The name of the character style is actually not important (it does not need to match the name of the variable at all), but you need to make sure it is clear what it’s for.

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    Cindy Wingo

    That is what I was thinking, but, the Running Header (Character Style) method has the “comment” showing up on every page, I only want it to appear on the pages that have the code. I have not ever used Conditional text and thought that might be another way, but, just don’t know how to use Conditionals.

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