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    Ma Fak

    When I choose option Left justify it stays the same as if I choose Align Left option.

    I’m fairly new to this, but somehow I ended up preparing scientific magazine in my institution and I just went with ID as starting panel since it has real deal stuff in it.

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    Ma Fak

    I use cs6, and only reason I mentioned I do magazine is because I want to state that this little nuisance is actually really important for me atm, I got only this weekend to finish this and it would be sad to do it in Word.

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    Strange! Maybe the doc is having problems. If you create a new document, put some text in it (which should appear as Align left by default) and then click the Control Bar button for Justify with Last Line Aligned Left, does it work?

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    Ma Fak

    Fixed by manually deleting all hard returns in pasted paragrahp. After that copied text was left justified. Strange indeed this Adobe company is.

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    No, not strange at all. InDesign just do what you ask it to.
    “Left Justify” means that the last line is adjusted left. If all your lines end with a hard return, that line is seen as “last” – and there for adjusted left.
    “Left justify works on a hwole paragraf, not a single line.

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      Agreed, Niels.

      If Ma Fak had wanted to keep in those hard returns, then the paragraph settings should have been full justify, though that would have messed up the last line.

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