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    Frank Bush

    Is there a way to set the destination of a hyperlink to always appear at the top of a page in a reflowable ePub?

    I have an eBook created from InDesign to ePub3.0 standard with glossary terms within the content that are linked to a glossary in the back of the book. When you select the glossary term, the eBook jumps to the glossary where it is supposed to, with the word and definition appearing somewhere on that page. However, the user is still left to search for their word in a list of similarly spelled words. I want to make it so the word the user selected from the content appears at the top of the page when the eBook jumps to the glossary. Is such a thing possible?

    I have tried adding the code target=”_top” to the , but that does not work. Is there different code for an ePub3.0 file? Is this function something that can be set up from within InDesign?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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