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    As a desktop publisher jockey for my company, among many other responsibilities, I have product booklets that require frequent changes and revision dates. Before CC 2014 came out, I was able to change the revision in one one lovely text box on the pasteboard, link the hyperlink to the style of that text, and with one click, it was updated in many locations throughout the publications.

    After updating to the latest CC 2014 version, all my hyperlinks are now broken and I do not see where you can hyperlink to a paragraph style any longer. Am I the only one that used it this way?

    I have scoured the internet and forums and cannot find where that lovely feature went and what may/may not have replaced it. Perhaps I’m not using the “best practice” for this.

    Share your thoughts and insights please as I stand to change hundreds of now “broken” files.

    Thank you!

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    David Blatner

    How did you link a paragraph style to a hyperlink? I don’t think InDesign has ever let you do that.

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    I’m sorry, I can’t see my old files in that light anymore, but it was either the paragraph style or the text box itself. Was soooo easy to update the revision date that way, so alas…

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