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    I’m new to hyperlinking (as in this morning). I’m doing a small catalog and have inherited purchase now buttons that are used on every product (3-4 times per page). I need to link them to their URLs on the web store. I can get them to link to one URL per page but all on that page go to the same (last) URL link I made. Any tips for a newbie?

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    I did it! Made them buttons (rollover at that) and then linked them. Also turned off Shared Hyperlink Destination. It’s only a two page spread–more spreads to do–but I think I got it! Yeah!

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    So you convert the text to it’s own button, and that allows it to link to a web page? Can you screen shot your settings for the hyperlink and send them to mrdonova@usgs.gov. I am trying to hyperlink text and am having some issues.

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    Sorry about your problems. Boy, do I understand!

    Today, my first day trying to link anything to anything, had to do with linking a graphic (a button saying “Purchase here.” I’m a print book person, back to the days of hot metal. In my 5th day of a new job, I have MUCH to learn to fulfill my new manager’s expectations–links from the catalog to the web bookstore pages, eBooks, PDFs that show pages turning–I’m going to be spending a lot of time of this site, for sure! Blatner was my guru when I was learning Quark–I’m following him into InDesign, which I’ve been doing for three years–but all print.

    Okay–My goal today, my first day of linking anything, was about linking a graphic (a “Purchase Now” graphic repeated for every book in the catalog) to each book’s individual web bookstore page (URL). My first blog entry was (http://indesignsecrets.com/indesign-cc-9-2-brings-hyperlink-relief.php). It taught me how to create a link but on the pages that had four of these graphics, all four links tied to the last link I created. I found that I had “Shared Hyperlink Destination” checked, so that every link on the page came under a heading with that little triangle (pointing sideways or, clicked, showing down which showed every link and which page), just link in your InDesign Linked panel that shows every page a particular link is used. When I unchecked “Shared Hyperlink Destination”, each graphic became an individual “link/hyperlink”. I don’t know if that is why it started to work because at the same time I learned that I needed to turn each graphic into a button. Which came first–chicken or the egg. I don’t know, but it wasn’t until I turned the graphic into a button and then linked it that the separate links worked.

    I found the info that lead me this way at an Adobe site that leads back to InDesign Secrets (but did not find there):

    You are dealing with text hyperlinks. I didn’t read this as thoroughly but this might help you. It’s a texts links blog:

    I’m just a first day person in the fifth day of a new job that wants me to learn to do links, eBooks, spinning/flip pages in a PDF, e-Newsletter (have designed them but not “developed” them. I love the new challenge–especially where I’ll be in nine month’s time–but the next few months will have me living on this site. Anyone know anything about InCopy working with InDesign? That’s my assignment for learning on my own this weekend. I have 28 projects coming my way, done that way, starting next week. Wheee!

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