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    We have several large catalog layouts in ID that we want to reorganize and combine into a single master catalog layout. Each catalog has ID index tag entries, so ideally, we’d like to be able to export all of the catalog data (used the ID to Word export plugin so far), resort all of the catalog entries, and then import the results back into ID with the index tag entries in place so we can use ID’s build index feature afterward. Any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Peter Kahrel

    Can you not paste the InDesign documents into one document? Or are the documents too big and/or too complex for that? If you really have to roundtrip them via Word, you’ll have to convert the index markers as plain text, do the roundtrip, then convert the index text tags to Indesign index markers. See under ‘convert page references to text tags’ and ‘Build index from textual markers’.


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      Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, we have to not only reorder the catalog product entries, but also have to pair up some spreadsheet data for many of the catalog entries, so the ideal would be to export the text with the index tags included, import it into an Excel spreadsheet, do a matching between spreadsheets to update and add data to catalog entries, then import/place the updated catalog data back into ID with the index tags remaining in place, so we can generate a new index.

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