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    Hello everyone! I’m new here in the forum, my name is Vanessa and I have a big problem with Indesign. Until a couple of days ago I created and printed notebooks in PDF using the “Booklet” function without any problem. Now there is no more way to be able to save in PDF. I’m asked, as always in which folder to save, the upload start and then or the pdf does not appear anywhere, or it is saved but with a weight of 0 Kb and therefore impossible to open. This happens for any file …. Any of you could tell me what’s up ??? Thanks so much

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    Graham Park

    Sounds like you have a corrupt resource probably an image.
    To find it save it as a PDF is sections to identify which page has the problem, then work out which image is causing the problem.
    Let us know how you go.

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    hi Vanessa Petiti…
    Did you try that on another file…
    Do what Graham Park Sugestted… you will find and cach reasons..

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    I had also thought about that problem. Unfortunately it happens with all the files, I also tried to create new ones with only text and without images but the pdf is not saved anyway … :(

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    Try This: if you are working on mac:
    ??Quit indesign.
    Press (Shift+ctrl+alt+cmd) and click the indesign to open
    this well Rest the Preferences of indesign.

    if this dose not work.
    Re Install the application

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