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    Hi all,

    I have created an Interactive presentation in Indesign and I am having problems in regards to publishing it for handover – .swf to projector.

    Firstly, the document has been created in Indesign and the output is a .swf for a few reasons:

    • It is one document which can despatch as either a print document, a presentation or a private presentation document hosted on our business site where a link and password is sent out privately.
    • Presentations are handed off to whoever is presenting or managing the presentation (file handover is all over the place which is why it needs to be a projector application). It can go to multiple people.
    • Exporting out the indesign document and rebuilding the whole thing again in Flash is not an option – goes against the workflow we are building.
    • However, I am willing to rebuild just the video pages as a last resort and add the swfs back into indesign. I do think it would still have problems with the 11.2 flash player unless someone knows a work around? I’m not too fluent in Flash.
    • An interactive pdf is a no-go.

    Creating the interactive document is fine. The problem is when i export out the .swf to create a projector application.
    Flash Player 11.4 cannot create projectors anymore. Apparently, Adobe took this feature away with no explanation. However, tutorials all over adobe channels still say you can create a projector with CS6 and CC rich animated content.

    Flash Player 11.2 I can create a projector, however it does not handle specifically video files and any overlays on the same page very well in full screen mode. The videos triple in size and crop and buttons don’t work etc..

    11.4 and up is fine in full screen mode, however I can’t create a projector file.
    So close. If i could create a projector in flashplayer 11.4 it would fix everything and be a perfect workflow.

    Any ideas?

    I appreciate any ideas/feedback.

    Thanks guys.

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    David Blatner

    I really don’t know. Adobe is pretty much cutting support for Flash left and right it seems, as all their attention is toward HTML5.

    But I wonder: Does Flash Player create a projector from a SWF?! Or do you need a native Flash file?

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    I can use my Indesign .swf to create a projector from flash player but only in flash player 11.2 and older.
    11.2 doesn’t support video and overlays on the same page in full screen mode.

    Flash player 11.4 does. it’s perfect in full screen mode except the create projector option has been greyed out from that version and onwards.

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