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    i need some hand-helping please

    I just exported to pdf, and got this message, and would be happy to fix it if I had a clue what to do:

    The document’s transparency blend space doesn’t match the destination color space specified in the Export Adobe PDF settings. To avoid color appearance changes in the PDF, click cancel and change either the document’s transparency blend space, or the destination color space.

    i’ve checked the Edit.Transparency Blend Space which is already on CMYK i have no PDF’s placed in the document. also checked Adobe PDF Presets; “Output” tab; Change “Destination” to Document CMYK – U.S. Web Coated. which works for me.

    but no matter which preset i pick ; as soon as indesign starts to make a PDF file InDesign has unexpectedly quit.

    i though it might be fix with uninstall and reinstall .. done but the problem is still there i also try another file which i worked on before and they had no problem but the result are the same for them as well . I’m getting the same message I started with.

    using cc version will be appreciate if any one could point me what is the problem and what to do ?

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    David Blatner

    Is this all documents, or just this one?
    I wonder if the document is corrupt? Have you tried to export it as an IDML file, then open that IDML file and try again.

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    Eugene Tyson

    Try resetting your indesign preferences.

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    Here is the Result …

    as Eugene has suggested i started trashing indesign cashes… it has started to work well finally …
    but the problem is still there for the file which i was working with when i receive e the error for the first time.
    i going to try to export it as an IDML file as David has Suggested . would be really helpful if it works otherwise i would have not any other choice but redesign all 32 pages with lots of detail AGAIN .

    thank you guys

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