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    I have a client who needs to email a PDF of a certificate that was created as a merge in InDesign for about 300 people. Is there a way to invisibly embed an email address in the ID document (that part is easy) so that it would be possible to email a PDF of just that person’s certificate in a group email (the hard part) to avoid having to send 300 separate emails with individual attachments?

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    Hey Deborah,

    This workflow sounds like it would be ripe for automation via a custom script. It would take a fair bit of effort to accomplish so a comprehensive solution would probably cost you some money but from what you’re describing, it sounds like the ROI would take no time at all!

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    This would be beyond my ken and probably my budget since this is a one time thing (I don’t know what ROI means), so I’ll let the client do this with Word, since they seem to know how to do that. It would be nice if a script was already out there, but it’s helpful for me to know that there isn’t. Thanks!

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