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    I am a marketing professional with little design experience but am interested in learning some graphic design skills to do basic design work – fliers, brochures etc. What would you recommend to get started? Thanks!

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    -Find printed pieces and try to re-create them in InDesign
    -both take a lot of time to understand, so don’t get frustrated.
    -do a lot of googling, you’ll often end up back at this website

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    Remember that InDesign is for layouts and Illustrator is for (you guessed it) illustrations. Focus on InDesign first. – you may have free access through your public library’s website

    A good exercise is to take a printed piece and try to recreate it in InDesign. One way is to place a PDF in a Layer, lock it, then make a new Layer on top and use it as a guide to create a new design.

    It takes some time to learn both of these, so don’t expect to understand it all in a week.

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    David Blatner

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