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    I’m having an issue with Master Pages. I need to resize the 40+ documents in my book to be a different size. I updated the Master Pages in the Style Source document to be the new size, with new margins and guides to fit. Everything works perfectly in that document. Layout Adjustment is selected.

    When I go to sync to the rest of the book, with all documents selected and “Master Pages” selected in Synchronize Options, the other documents sort of match the new size. By this I mean the page size is the old size, there are old margins, but a new purple margin is added where the new page size should end, and the text box reduces to that size.

    Since synchronizing didn’t seem to be working, I removed all the old master pages from one of the documents and tried manually loading master pages from the Style Source document. When I apply the updated Master Page to another chapter, it uses the correct page size, but resets the margins to be .5″ all around (when they should have .8″ on top/bottom/inside and .5″ on outside).

    Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? I’ve exhausted all my theories and can’t seem to find anyone having a similar issue online, though I’m probably using the wrong search terms.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don’t use Margins that much, but my experience is that you have to select all the pages, then use Layout->Margins and Columns. Changing the Master doesn’t seem to always work. Not sure why, maybe there’s an override?

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      Thanks, Colleen. I was hoping to mostly automate the process, but I guess that’s not in the cards for this project for whatever reason.

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