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    I created an ID file using CS6. Now I want to export the same into rtf form. ID has some bullet points and bullet numbers. They are not exported to rtf file. Is there any solution?

    Thanks in advance

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    I take it the bulleted lists are done via InDesign’s automatic bullets feature?

    If so, you need to convert those to text.

    To do so, I usually select all the text (hopefully your file is threaded from beginning to end. If not, you may have to select the bulleted lists individually.

    Anyway, select all, then go to your paragraph palette (not the paragraph style palette).

    Click the fly out menu and scroll down to “Convert Bullets and Numbering to Text.” Then export to RTF.

    Basically when you export to RTF, automatic things like bulleted lists and numbered lists don’t export unless they are converted to text.

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    Thank you Harris,
    This worked fine for me….

    Thanks a lot.

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