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    Hello there,
    I am using CS6 in windows 10.

    I am exporting my book from ID to .rtf format. Though it exports the texts correctly, it does not export the images that are linked in it.

    Any solutions…?

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    I believe ID won’t export the images to RTF unless the images are anchored.

    If they are not anchored, you will have to copy and paste from the ID file into the RTF file.

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    Hi Harris
    Even anchored images are not exported to rtf. Any solution?

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      This is very odd. I’ve been doing it that way for years, and even copying and pasting an image from InDesign to Word for years and years. Now it’s not working.

      I can’t test with CS6 as I don’t have that on my system any longer, but it definitely seems I can’t do it from CC and above (at least on my home machine).

      I will check my work machine tomorrow as that’s the machine I’ve always done it on.

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      Looks like the art won’t export with the RTF. I think I had to export and file, and then go into the ID file and copy and paste the art to where it had to go.

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    Masood Ahmad

    Well, I don’t think InDesign Export RTF feature can export the images as well. The Export RTF feature is meant to export the text only for the purpose of proofreading or editing.

    Secondly, to get the images along with the text, you can export the InDesign file to PDF and then export the PDF from Acrobat as RTF or Word Document.

    Hope that keeps you going!

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