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    Hi guys!

    I know how to design a paragraph style that keeps the last lines together so that individual lines in a column followed by a subtitle are avoided. Unfortunately, this makes that some columns end earlier than others. They simply aren’t filled out completely.

    Can you think of any way to avoid this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Graham Park

    Do you mean balance columns?

    Tip of the Week: Balancing Columns

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    Yes this is what I mean. Sorry if I didn’t get my point across properly, it’s hard to do without pictures.

    Checking the “balance columns” box doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately. There is still unused space at the bottom of the column.

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    Graham Park

    You can place images on a site like
    Then place the link to the image on this website.

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    Here it is:

    The column isn’t filled completely cause InDesign insists on keeping those two lines in the next column. I think this is because of “keeping lines togethe” options in the paragraph style. In general, I would like my columns to be filled to the max too.


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    Graham Park

    Looks like you have your KEEP OPTIONS a bit wrong
    My guess is you have KEEP WITH PREVIOUS set to 2
    and KEEP LINE TOGETHER set to END 2, (remove this one and it should work OK).

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    Graham Park


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    Arthur, I think that you have keep lines together set correctly to 2, but you have also keep with next different than 0. That’s because the two lines go with the next title.

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    Have the head styled to “keep with” and not “keep previous.” That way the the text fills out and the head starts at the top of the next column/page.

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