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    Thank you for having me on the forum. I am using CS4 on PC and need a keyboard shortcut for the option called “exclude overlap” which is on the Pathfinder toolbar.
    If there isn’t a default one, how can I make one.
    I am using inDesign on my ultrabook which doesn’t have a numeric keypad, if that’s of any relevance.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Masood Ahmad

    Go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…

    Create a New Set…

    Select Object Menu from the drop down list under Product Area:

    and in the Commands: section, scroll down until you find:
    Pathfinder: Exclude Overlap

    Select it and type your shortcut under the New Shortcut: and then click on Assign button.

    and finally click OK button to exit the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box.

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