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    Hello, Another Publish Online question:

    Is there any way to specifically link to any type of destination within a document that has been published using Publish Online? For example: can I link to a text anchor, page, or bookmark after a document is published?

    I did a quick experiment where I moused over a TOC entry of a published document and made note of the URL it would link to (it appears in the lower left corner of the window). I then ‘updated’ the document with Publish Online. While the document’s URL remained unchanged, the URL for the page destination changed.

    (document URL)/v19e/publication-11.html became (document URL)/kngz/publication-11.html

    This makes me think I will be unable to reliably link to a specific point in a published document. :(

    Any thoughts?

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    David Blatner

    It’s a great question, but I don’t think there is currently any way to do that. Are you getting a TOC in your document to work? That was broken before. Might be fixed now:

    I encourage you to use the site to make requests like this.

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    Thankfully, all of my in-document links work (TOC, text anchors, external links). I had asked about the TOC previously (at MAX I think?), but I ultimately had two problems that were wholly mine:

    – Not checking the “Make text anchor in source paragraph” box
    – Placing ‘titles’ on a non-printed layer to compensate for entries with various paragraph formats

    For the second, I had built an additional TOC as a reference list that was a collection of tables and diagrams (some didn’t even have titles, or at least not ones that included terms that context precluded, such as ‘process flow chart’). I had created a new paragraph format to build the reference TOC and placed the text frames on a non-printed layer. Publish Online didn’t like this. My fix was to make the layer printed, but have the text frames barely overlap the page. Works fine!

    I’ll be sure to mention the issue of linking to specific targets within a Publish Online document to the uservoice site.

    Thank you!!

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