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    Richard Kain

    In today’s Tip of the Week, it was suggested that is was easy to copy images from Bridge to InDesign using the File>Place>in InDesign feature in Bridge. This would be useful to me, making photo books, with InDesign on one screen and Bridge on the other. So I tried this, using Bridge 2020 and InDesign 2019, with both open. When I tried to move an image, I got a second copy of InDesign, where the image was under the cursor. This is useless… it should connect to the open copy of InDesign. It seems unusual to have two copies of InDesign running at the same time. This was under Windows 10, if that makes any difference.

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    Mike Rankin

    I just tried it and it works as expected. I’m on a mac and running the latest versions of InDesign and Bridge.

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    David Blatner

    I wonder if this is a Windows issue… 

    Also: Richard, do you have more than one version of InDesign installed on your computer? Perhaps you’re running one version but Bridge tries launching a different version?

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    Richard Kain

    I do have five (!) versions of InDesign on my computer, but shouldn’t it relate to the one that is active? I’ll try using 2020 InDesign and report back here later. In any case, common sense would say that it should work with whatever happens to be active before going on a gooses chase to open the latest version of InDesign even if an earlier one is already active. By the way. my experience with using ctrl-e to go to Photoshop from InDesign does go to the Photoshop version that happens to be open, so I think that one follows common sense.

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    Richard Kain

    Final feedback – I did update Bridge, InDesign and Photoshop this morning. I’m curious in that I sense that the new version of InDesign saves a newer version of the document file than the previous version. Anyhow, the action placing images from Bridge into InDesign does work now. Andit will save me time in the future. Thanks!

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