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    I need advice with my document. I have a book of about 800 pages (15 chapters). In my document, I need to have multiple ToC and Indexes.

    I’ll try to make a long story short.

    I have multiples ToC (A chapter summary, a ToC of the entire book and a list of tables). Each chapter have their own ToC, and index. And the end of document Index, and Glossary.

    Where I need to think outside the box is when I need to create the indexes. (The ToC are the easy ones) —

    The “big one” at the end, and the one at the beginning of each chapter. None of them uses the same words. The index in each chapter is a listing of keywords, but not the same as the index at the end of the book. So I can’t just generate it using all book documents.

    I’ve tried creating an index for each chapter. It works… until I get to the end. I could generate the end index with a script, but I need it to be interactive in PDF. Busted.
    I tried cross references. When in each chapter there are only 4-5 keywords is fine, but if there is more… and It won’t be in alphabetical order, and I need to call them one by one instead of generating a list.

    I’m out of ideas. Are you all seeing a solution I am not?

    Thank you!

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    David Blatner

    Multiple indexes is not easy in InDesign. Here’s one article from a long time ago:

    Creating Multiple Indexes in InDesign

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    Thank you for taking the time.

    I’ve read that article a couple of times by now… (It was even opened on a tab window when I wrote my post) I really hoped there could be a solution. I hate indexing in indesign ! Frustrating. ;-)

    For now, I’ll try to replace the index in each chapter by another ToC that simulates the Index…

    Is there a script that can create an interactive index?

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